PENTALED 63N+30N THEATRE LIGHT – ceiling double

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PENTALED 63N+30N double – 320,000 LUX – compact

Pentaled 63N is a high-tech product designed to guarantee excellent performance levels. PENTALED 63N has 72 elliptical reflectors split into 8 modules, each containing 9 LEDs. The modules are mechanically focused by rotating the sterilizable handle. The multiplicity of the luminous sources and the elliptical geometry of the parabolas studied to reflect in the depth the light beams generated by the LEDs, grant scialytic light for a threedimensional illumination without shadows.

Comfortable use
Thanks to the principle of indirect light, the lamp oriented towards different positions does not dazzle the surgeon and the assistants. The size of the lit field is adjusted mechanically through handle according to the light required by the surgeon.

Superior lighting features
Membrane keyboard activates the following functions:
• selection of the colour temperature 5,000°K and 4,500°K
• adjustment of the light intensity up to 160 Klx
• on/off
• endoled light with colour selection (comfortable light for endoscopy intervention)
The colour temperature of 5,000°K stimulates the surgeons’ concentration, does not strain their sight, reproduces the colour of the tissues faithfully and increases the definition of the edges.

Reliable and long lasting performances
The modular construction of the electronic board that feeds the LEDs guarantees continuous light, even in the unlikely event that a LED or board component should fail. The lighting body is protected by tempered glass screen, covered by a special film avoiding any fallen down splinters in case of break.

Easy manoeuvrability
The reduced dimensions and the light reflector provide extreme manoeuvrability and stability. Smooth 360° rotation. The extremely light structure, the aluminium treated bar attached to the upper front of the cupola, the ultra-thin dome (only 13 cm) allow simple movements.

Battery group, TVCC camera, monitor holding camera on request
Every lamp can be supplied with an emergency battery group with automatic charger (hours autonomy: 2.5 (49200), 2.5 (49201), 2 (49202)), TVCC camera or monitor holding arm.

Full certification
Complies with European Directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC ‘Class I – Medical Device’ CE marking. Made in Italy.

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