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‘- 100,000 Lux at 1 m
– indirect light with 12 elliptic reflectors.
They reflect the light rays emitted by the LEDs. Does not dazzle and does not strain eyes.

PENTALED is a perfect combination of technological developments, innovation, ergonomy and compact design, ultra-light and handy structure.
Five versions available (trolley, ceiling, ceiling double, trolley with battery group and wall) and technical performances make PENTALED suitable for precision operations, diagnostic use, surgical rooms and small surgeries.

Battery group is available on request also for wall and ceiling models.

• Cold LED light
Bright and cold light reproduces colours faithfully, assuring excellent definition of details.

• Ergonomic
PENTALED can be easily positioned by rotation on 4 axes:
– the dome has a full-circle 360° rotation
– the arm moves vertically thanks to a spring balancing system
– the reflector can be rotated on the vertical and horizontal axis.
Movements are possible through the sterilizable handle.

• 50,000 hours life time
The low power supply current and the heat dispersion through aluminium dome allow the LED a 50,000 hours lifetime.

• Light intensity adjustment
Light intensity adjustable through digital control

The ultra-flat lighting body is equipped with ultra-resistant polycarbonate screen which guarantees protection against accidental collisions.

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