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This pump using peristaltic method is a cutting-edge pump realizing high fl ow precision with compatibility with I.V. set of various brands through ultrasonic bubble detection.
IP-7700 provides simple and easy setup process with its numerical silicon keypad. FND and color LCD provides complete information and user gets the information at one glance. Most infusion condition such as K.V.O. rate, purge rate and bolus can be setup as operating application. Supplied with battery.

Main features
– Light and compact design: light as 3.5 kg, compact design, and easy to use.
– Standard compatibility with 4 brands of IV SET: TERUMO (TS PA 200L), BD (A122), KOREAN VACCINE (1 and 2), ARIES. Each pump can be calibrated for up to 9 different IV set.
– Flexible flow setting and easy operation method: Flow-setting range of 1~1000 ml/h, 0,1~999,9 ml/h is available for wide range settings and numerical keypad is easy to use for setting flow-volume.
– Full program dosage feature (option): it can calculate the right flow rate for a patient and inject promptly.
– Easy recognition of alarm: it notifies errors and emergencies with LED light and buzzer, simultaneous visual and audio alarm system.
– Notifying remaining battery: battery LED is attached to notify charged battery showing remaining battery and when to recharge.
– Keep Vein Open feature: when reached preset value, it converts to low flow speed of 3ml/h (when IV set is 15, 19, 20 drops/ml) or 1ml/h (when IV set is 60 drops/ml) automatically to prevent flow route clog due to blood coagulation.
– Ultrasonic air bubble detector
– Suitable also for VET use

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