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GIMALED O.T. LED LIGHT – ceiling (ceiling >3.80 m needs 49220)

GimaLed light with 81 Led: sophisticated design which combines excellent lighting features with exceptional mechanical characteristics for extra soft movement.

Deep light: 27 inner fixed Leds for central illumination and 54 Leds (six modules of nine Leds each) moved by servo-motor, allow surgeon to adjust light field diameter.

Shadowless light: 81 Leds arranged on a round surface grant the best light emitting surface and avoid any shadow effect caused by any interposition between light beams and lighted surface.

Bright light: two colour selections, 4,000K and 4,600K, made of white Leds only, no coloured shadow effect. Light intensity of 160,000 Lux.

Major features:
– collimated light beams for a working distance from 70 to 160 cm
– high colour rendering index (CRI) 95, R9 >90
– optimisation of LED thermal management by heat dissipation convection to avoid illuminance reduction during surgery
– PMMA optical lenses and polycarbonate protective screen
– Zener to grant light in case of even one Led failure
– reduced consumption, high efficiency
– optional pre-wired system for Wi-Fi HD camera

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