GIMA-THER TENS/EMS – 2 channels – 36 programmes

OMR 25

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GIMA-THER TENS – 36 medical programmes

Gima-Ther is a dual channel stimulator with 3 basic functions: TENS, EMS and MASSAGE.

It has 36 programmes (18 TENS, 15 EMS and 3 Massage) and applies electric currents in the low-frequency range for therapy. It helps with blood circulation and to relieve chronic and postoperative pains.

Recommended for muscle training and also for body building.
Electric impulses are transcutaneous and transmitted to nerves, muscle fibers or tissues through electrode. The intensity of the dual channel can be adjusted independently and can be applied individually to one body part.

Supplied with 4 pads 50×50 mm, 2 output cables, 4 AAA batteries and instruction manual (GB, FR, IT, ES, DE).

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