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Designed to satisfy surgical functionality, practicality, quickness and easy maintenance.
They allow, with proper accessories, to satisfy every basic surgical activity.

• Table top
Divided in 5 sections (head, back, pelvis, 2 indipendent leg sections) with stainless steel structure and plexiglass to allow x-ray permeability and easy cleaning. Table top is pre-arranged for the insertion of x-rays holders all over its length. Accessories holder (25×10 mm) in stainless steel, covers table top length on both sides.

• Telescopic column
Square and of limited size, covered by anodized aluminium (27560) or stainless steel (27562/4/5/6), it allows up and down movement (approx. 70-100 cm) by a foot pedal placed at the base through a closed oleodynamic circuit with oil-tight pump avoiding any oil leakage (27560/2/4) or by remote control (27565/6).

• Mattresses
They cover all the table top lenght. Made in a long lasting material, sterilizable in autoclave, x-ray translucent and elastics. They are independently removable.

• Base
For solaris, it is moveable by four large antistatic castors, 2 directional and 2 pivoting with brake. For Gima and Gima tr (mechanical and semi-automatic) base is completely made of stainless steel to ensure perfect stability. It is provided with a locking system to the floor through a foot bar. Transport is allowed by 3 antistatic wheels, one pivoting and 2 directional.

• Movements
For solaris: Trendelenburg and Reverse/Trendelenburg with a “quick hydraulic action” and lateral tilt right-left 20° by crank. For Gima and Gima TR same table movements as above, work through a mechanical system moved by two cranks, positioned at the side, easily retractable, for semiautomatic by remote control.

• Longitudinal translation
Both Gima TR models offer manual longitudinal translation of table top of about 300 mm to allow total elimination of column encumbrance for 100% transparency of top.

• Full range of accessories
All tables come with mattress included, semiautomatic also includes control (with 1 m cable) batteries and crank for emergency of engine.

All operating tables are Made in Italy.

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