GIMA-CARE TENS/EMS – 2 channels – 60 programmes

OMR 23

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GIMA-CARE TENS – 60 medical programmes

Dual channel multi-functional electrotherapeutic device generates electric stimulation to help easing aches and pain, muscle training and relaxation.

Easy to use, Gima-care has 2 pre-set treatment programmes with adjustable treatment time and 1 custom programme for each body part, allowing the user to adjust treatment time and pulse rate and width.
– 3 in 1 Tens + Ems + Massage
– professional tens waveform (variable pulse frequency and width)
– body part illustration
– 60 programmes (10 body parts, 40 levels)
– powerful output (max. 120 mA) (at 500 ohm load)
– solid and clear design

Continuous operation for around 10 treatments if fully charged.

Supplied with 4 pads 50×50 mm, 2 output cables, 1 USB cable.
User manual (GB, IT).

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