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Thanks to the innovative electronic technologies these easy-to-use ultrasonic nebulizers provide a quiet, fast and portable operation with optimal particle size.

• Portable: small and lightweight, it allows patients to perform treatments anytime and anywhere.
• Optimal particle size: particle size determines the extent to which the medication can be inhaled by the patient into the deep lung tissue. Approx 90% of particles generated by Family or Pingoo have the optimal 1-5µ (microns) size.
• Fast treatment: with its high-efficiency design, it allows a quick treatment time, most within 6 minutes, with limited power consumption.
• Low noise level: treatments are not only fast but are virtually silent due to its advanced ultrasonic technology.
• Rechargeable battery: optional
• 8 languages user manual: GB, FR, IT, DE, ES, PT, GR, SA

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