EVOLVE DUAL HEAD STETHO – shiny head – glittered Y teal green

OMR 17

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• SHINY HEAD SERIES – glitter tubing
• Gima Evolve – teal green
• Binaural: mirrored
• Ring: transparent

High acoustics and sensitivity stethoscope line with 4 different heads and attractive selection of coloured tubing.
Chestpiece combination with floating diaphragms which allow to hear low and high frequency sounds applying light or firm pressure on chestpiece.
Stainless steel chestpiece can catch lower frequency sound sensitively. Its inner side is polished making it smooth and reducing sound’s attenuation during sound detection.
Attractive selection of fashion coloured and trendy tubes.
New electrical plating technology for longer life and corrosion resistance.

– dual head chestpiece (Ø 48 mm and 36 mm) with anti-chill rings
– aluminium binaural with spring inserted into the tube (stainless steel for Rose Gold version)
– ergonomic and soft silicone eartips for best comfort
– PVC tube Ø 10 mm, length 60 cm
– total length 75 cm

Supplied with name tag and spare kit in transparent case including 2 pairs of soft eartips and 2 floating diaphragms.
Multilingual box and manual: GB, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE, NL, PL, CZ, BG, RO, HR, GR, SE, Arabic.

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