CARDIOGIMA 12 ECG – 3-6-12 channels


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CARDIOGIMA 12 ECG – 3-6-12 channel

Cost effective 12 channel resting ECG recorder without performance compromise. The simultaneous record of 12 channels has a high diagnostic value – all the 12 channels are shown at the same time. A4 size paper, one body type.

Main Features:
– 12 leads simultaneous 10-second resting ECG with interpretation in only 60 seconds multilanguage. Internal software+print in GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, RU, TR, PL, PT, RO, KR.
– wide paper printing (A4 size thermal paper, fax paper is OK)
– combined output of all relevant curves, patient data, date, time and instrument settings

PC Connections: connection to PC with RS 232 port or LAN to submit recorded ECG signal to other specialist for evaluation (only a modem is needed)

ECG filing system: a fully configured PC-based software enables to record, print, change the settings of ECG’s and save them in JPG format, which ensure compatibility with most EMR package.

Rechargeable batteries (optional) with 1 hour capacity in normal use (about 100 ECG printouts).

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