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• Laryngeal Mask N 1 (Dead space reduced up to 39%)
• Patient weight: <5 kg • Max mask ET-Tubes Max (Ø of endotracheal tube): 3.5 mm • Gastric-Tube max (FR): 6 FR • Maximum cuff inflation volume: 4 ml The AuraGain satisfies 3 fundamental airway management needs by integrating gastric access and intubation capability in an anatomically curved single-use device that facilitates rapid establishment of a safe airway. • Rapid placement The soft rounded curve of the AuraGain, pre-formed to follow the anatomy of the human airway, ensures rapid placement and guarantees long-term performance. The thin and soft cuff of the AuraGain is designed to deliver high seal pressures. • Gastric control The integrated gastric access channel is designed with a low friction inner surface to facilitate easy placement of a gastric tube, to enable active and passive management of gastric content and prevent gastric insufflation. • Integrated intubation capability It provides the added safety feature of intubation capability. This means that in case of an unexpected difficult airway, or a "Cannot Intubate - Cannot mask Ventilate" (CI-CV) situation, where the endgame is to intubate the patient, AuraGain can be used as conduit for direct endotracheal intubation assisted by a flexible scope. • All-round versatility Rapid placement, high seal pressure, gastric access and intubation capability make the AuraGain the obvious and safe choice for every procedure where a laryngeal mask is indicated. Ambu® AURAGAIN™ VENTILATION, INTUBATION, GASTRIC ACCESS Soft bite absorption area with helpful markings and accessory size information. Navigation marks for guiding flexible endoscopes. Direct endotracheal intubation using a flexible scope and standard ET-tubes.

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